About the Diamond Exchange District

The Diamond Exchange District, Gush Dan’s business center, connects people, businesses and urban recreation. The district is home to over 30,000 employees and approximately 15,000 visitors who enter and exit the site.

The district is bordered on the north by  Bialik Street, by Hagilad Street to the east, Jabotinsky Street to the south and the Ayalon Highway to the west. It includes new skyscrapers alongside low-lying buildings, some of which will undergo renovation in the next several years.

The Diamond Exchange District is currently undergoing a ‘facelift’ in which main streets such as Elyab, Tuval, Rakon, Bezalel and Yetzira were renovated or are scheduled to be renovated and incorporated in large public spaces for pedestrians. In the Diamond Exchange District, a night life began evolving for young people including pubs, dance bars, restaurants, along with development of public spaces in projects that balances architecture and experiential urbanism.

Contact information

Telephone: 03-771-8300
Email: bursa@calcalit-rg.co.il

From the Mayor

Dear Tenants and Guests!

As you may have noticed, the Diamond Exchange District has recently been undergoing exciting changes: renovation of the physical area, as reflected by the architectural and artistic work, business development as well as cultural events. Public regulations are being handled.

I am personally overseeing the development of the District due to its importance and impact on the economic strength of Ramat-Gan. The new outline plan for the Diamond Exchange District, approved by the Local Planning and Building Committee in the summer of 2016, aimed to double the number of people employed in the District and is evidence of the strategic importance of the site to the city’s overall management.

The Diamond Exchange District, the northern gateway to the city, is strategically located, adjacent to government-invested projects including, inter alia, the light railway and the increased number of trains traveling to the center. As a mayor working in conjunction with the municipality, we must leverage the tremendous investments by the government in these projects on behalf of Ramat-Gan.

The Diamond Exchange District is important to me as mayor as a recreational center for city residents – housing restaurants, pubs and cafes, to be opened as well as doubling as a cultural center – performances and events for various communities in the city. The District also exemplifies the municipal mechanism in the ‘green track’ for overseeing business and commerce to promote commercial activity.

The Diamond Exchange District Management manages the district in compliance with my instructions, in full conjunction with municipal officials as well as law enforcement and emergency services: police, fire department, Magen David Adom. Cooperation that a complete and correct reflection of broad, synergetic management as well as pooling of resources, in accordance with my vision with regards to urban management in Ramat-Gan.

I wholeheartedly believe that the District Management will continue to serve as the address for cooperation for tower managers, merchants and anyone operating within its confines, in order to develop the District, and to help the Diamond Exchange District and its residents to advance.

Yisrael Zinger